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True-Flight Natur Fjerfaner 4''

True-Flight Natur Fjerfaner 4''

True-Flight Natur Fjerfaner 4''

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What size feathers should I use?

In general, for hunting arrows tipped with broadheads, we have found three 5 inch feathers or four 4 inch feathers work well. Light weight carbon arrows have been successfully fletched with three 4 inch feathers. Due to individual differences in equipment and shooting style, larger feathers may be required. It is also possible that good flight can be achieved with smaller feathers. Test shooting is the best way to decide on any particular set up.
It is important to remember that broadheads will need more guidance than field points. It is also extremely important that broadhead equipped arrows fly "dead straight" with no yawing or fishtailing. An arrow that is yawing down range is not only inaccurate, but if it hits game it loses much of its penetration.

I'm right handed, should I use right wing or left wing feathers?

You can successfully shoot either wing. An arrow does not rotate noticeably until it is well clear of the bow.
Left wing feathers should be used to rotate the arrow counter clockwise, right wing clockwise (as viewed by the shooter).


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